Free Community Based Computing

House Rules...


•    Your First Time Here? – Please register in the Office before using a computer.
•    School Age Children  -  A parent or guardian must sign an Internet User agreement form BEFORE
      you can use a computer – see our Staff.
•    Children under 10 – MUST be accompanied by an adult.
•    Each time you use a computer - Sign in and out of the logbook.
     •    If you fail to sign in you may be asked to leave.
     •    Please sign out if you are leaving for more than 5 minutes.
•    Food and Drink are not permitted.
•    If people are waiting you may only use the SmartNewtown Computer for 1 hour  
•    Cell phones - please take all calls outside and put your phone on vibrate.

Acceptable Internet and Computer Use:

•    The browsing or downloading of material of an illegal or offensive nature is not permitted.
      This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted movies, music (mp3's), software, hacking / cracking material, or 
      Adult material. There are no exceptions to this policy.
•    File downloads, including email attachments, are disabled. Our staff will download files and attachments for you,
      such as CV’s, government forms and job descriptions.  We will not normally download music files or videos.
•    Playing streaming video and audio for entertainment purposes from sites such as YouTube is not permitted.
•    Playing online games is not permitted.
•    Altering SmartNewtown computer settings is not permitted.
•    Installing software on SmartNewtown computers is not permitted.
•    We highly advise against using online banking and e-commerce sites at SmartNewtown. 
      Our computers are PUBLIC MACHINES.
•    Customers need to manage their personal security by ensuring they REMOVE personal files from the
      computer and LOGOFF of all accounts (email, Facebook etc.) before they leave.
•    Smart Newtown does not accept any liability to customers for breaches of confidentiality due to technological
      reasons outside our reasonable control, or breaches caused by customers to third parties.
•    Files can be saved on personal USB Storage devices.
     •    Save your work often!  It helps ensure work is not lost.
•    Customer files saved on SmartNewtown Computers ARE NOT SECURED and may be seen by our customers
      and staff who use the computer.
•    Customer files saved on SmartNewtown computers are routinely purged.
      SmartNewtown accepts no responsibility for loss of customer data.


•    Black & White printing -  20c per page.  Double-sided 30c per page. 
•    Colour printing $1 per page.
•    Save your costs by following these simple steps
     •    Use print preview to check your document before printing.
     •    Check how many pages / copies you are printing before you click the print button.
•    Collect your printing from the staff member in the office.


•    Our Scanning service is free
•    The scanner is located in the office and is available on all PC’s. Please ask a staff member for assistance.


•    A3 Laminating - $1.50 per page.  
•    A4 Laminating - $1.00 per page.
•    Please be aware it can take up to 10 minutes for the Laminator to Warm-up
•    Collect your Laminating from the staff member in the office.

We May Ask You to Leave If:

•    You are not following the house rules.
•    You are trying to install programs and/or are trying to change the computer or network settings.
•    You are under influence of alcohol or drugs.
•    Your behaviour is offending or disturbing others.
•    You do not meet Health and Safety standards for personal hygiene (for example coughing, smelling of smoke, or
      body odours).
•    You verbally abuse anyone, threaten physical violence or sexual harassment. This will result in an immediate
     Trespass Notice being issued
•    You display Racist, Islamophobic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Ableist, or Sexist Attitudes and/or Language

Remember:  Always respect Smart Newtown’s equipment and the other people using this service.

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